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Get Balayage Certified!

Most Struggling Hairstylists...

Make the mistake of thinking in order to make 6 figures you have to be good at everything - cutting, coloring, extensions, photography, Instagram, video editing and everything in between.

And all this leads to is burnout.

Does any of THIS sound familiar?

I'm Afraid to Raise My Prices

What If My Clients Leave Me?

I Don't Know How To Say No

So I'm Always Staying Late Or Coming In Early

I Don't Have Time For Instagram

So What's the Point In Trying

I Feel Like I Work 7 Days a Week

I Have No Time For Myself Or My Family

I'm Terrible at Prebooking

Because I'm Not a Salesperson

I'm Losing My Passion For Hair

I'm Burned Out From Long Hour and Frustrating Clients

Truth is...

When you specialize in balayage, the world's most sought after service, you'll be able to work with ONLY your dream clients, charging over $300 per service, no matter where you live.

So let me ask you a very important question.

If you're afraid to charge your worth and are still working 7 days a week, how can you ever expect to create the 6-figure business you deserve?

So what’s the answer then?

How do you take control of your schedule, become financially secure, and finally take those beach vacations you’ve dreamed of for years?

The answer is NOT fitting more clients into your schedule. That only leads to exhaustion.

The answer is not saying yes to everyone, because not every client is right for you.

And the answer is certainly not offering discounts, even if your clients have been with you for years.

The answer is to become a Certified Balayage Master®.

Only then will you have the confidence to double your prices, work part time, and earn 6-figures while working only with your dream clients.

And once and for all, you'll finally...

Never Fear Balayage Again.

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Get Balayage Certified!
Get Certified...

The Balayage Masters Program®

Accelerate your balayage success with the All-In-One total training solution.

BMAP is an unprecedented mastery program that builds your balayage confidence through weekly challenges and live training, earning you the prestigious title and certification of MOB Balayage Master®.

Get Balayage Certified!
Over 100+ Step by Step Tutorials

Get instant access to the world's largest collection of
balayage training! With hours of step by step education at
your fingertips, you can learn while drinking wine on your
couch or in the breakroom in between clients.

Learn secrets from some of the world's best artists, so you can level up, charge more, and get the results you want every time.

New trainings and tutorials are added every single month. Watch randomly for inspiration or binge watch with friends.

On-Demand Videos...

The Balayage Library

Access to the world's largest collection of balayage training! With easy to follow education.


Get Balayage Certified!
Get Fast Answers...

The Experts Corner

With The Experts Corner you now have fast access to the answers you need to do your best work.


Get Balayage Certified!
Be Ready For Anything...

Pro Headsheets, Guides, and Cheatsheets

Never forget what you've learned with high quality downloads you can bring with you to work.


Get Balayage Certified!
Surround Yourself with 1000's of Pros Like You.

The Masters Community 

A private, members-only community of that will inspire, motivate, and encourage your journey to greatness.


Get Balayage Certified!
Save On Tools...

Member Perks and Discounts

All members save up to 20% off tools, mannequins, and color from our incredible sponsors!


Get Balayage Certified!

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▶︎ The Balayage Masters Program®

Experience the most exciting and comprehensive, balayage certification in the world. Through 4-mastery levels, you'll journey through EVERYTHING balayage.

From classic techniques to advanced methodology, you'll be prepared to conquer ANY balayage request your clients give you. Get certified as a balayage expert and attract clients that will respect you and your worth. ($1295 value)

▶︎ Full Access to The Balayage Education Library

Get immediate access to our complete library of advanced balayage education. Stay engaged and inspired with on-demand video tutorials that will challenge you with new techniques to fit every client. 

▶︎ Ask the Expert Priority Support

Get quick access to your educators and mentors through a private, members-only community portal, where you can get fast answers to your most burning questions, when you need them most.


TODAY ONLY BONUS! Live Monthly Coaching w/ Ryan Weeden! ($2997 Value) Learn balayage secrets from the Master himself every month!

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...But Don't Take It From Us 

Can You See Why All of Our Members Love It So Much?

Balayage Online changed my life. I have 2 kids and balance work-mom life and the household, and it's not easy. I try to sneak in as much time as I can to educate myself. The videos as so great, and you are so good at explaining everything that is like being in person. Thanks so much for bringing education to a next level

Leonor P.

As a new stylist in the hair game, I had a lot of questions and left many balayage classes scratching my head. After coming across Ryan Weeden on Instagram, I made the decision to take the MOB training since I could do it on my own time at my own pace. Little did I know that all of the videos through MOB online training would go from the basics for newbies like myself, as well as the advanced techniques that I thought would take me years to achieve! Each and every question I had both big and small that I still had after taking other classes were answered in each and everyone of these video tutorials and The best part is I can rewatch them over and over again! I’ve never been more excited about my future as a stylist and I have MOB to thank for that!

Michelle R.

Love, love, love that MOB online gives me practical CURRENT looks that can be done behind the chair, in a reasonable amount of time, without having an assistant! Their fine tuning tips and recommendations are priceless. My color game has been elevated! Absolutely the best value in online education 💯💯💯.

Audrey H.

Balayage online has made education on the go super easy for me! I now have access to the best balayage education whenever and wherever I want! The courses have helped me customize my clients experience and added so many more tools to my belt when it comes to balayage and hair painting. The reliable formulation advice and head sheets have made it so easy to incorporate the techniques into my everyday work at the salon! Thank you so much Ryan Weeden and the MOB team for providing me with utmost education!

Marcus M.

I’m super blessed that I started my Balayage training about 5 years ago so I was very advanced in that technique but needed to learn how to incorporate balayage looks with a foil application. The online courses have been so helpful in allowing me to step up my game in specialty color. I really like the many different, detailed, videos and looks I have to choose from. I go back and watch them often just to keep it fresh in my mind.

Mary Todd L.

Masters of Balayage online training has brought the moral of my team up, has given me the opportunity to train while at home and given me incredible inspiration to use in the salon. The videos are simple and clean and very applicable to everyday salon life. I am super thankful for these classes!!

Heather R.

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