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Learn how to create my signature face-framing technique, in this detailed STEP BY STEP training video.

No secrets held back. EVER!


PS. It's entertaining too. At least I think so. ;)

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So What's the "Million Dollar Piece" Look Like?

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The Million Dollar Piece. It's a game-changer.

"Obsessed already after one video :) Don't think I'll sleep tonight."

Stylsit (Dallas, TX)

"Loving the videos , you have injected a new found passion for hairdressing in me , even though I own salons a see stuff every day , your teaching videos are something different for me. "

Stylist (New York, NY)

""These trainings have helped me with so many day to day techniques for my color clients! Not only does Ryan have a great personality, but his teaching style is so thorough yet so chill, and he made sure to keep it interesting from beginning to end. If you're a stylist looking to amp up your balayage game, this course is a must!""

Stylist (Sacramento, CA)

"On top of being super informative he also makes things super interesting!! Hundreds of people in the room can easily be distracted but not when he's onstage teaching! On top of being a fun and incredible educator his work in UNREAL! Not to mention his "Money Piece" is to "DYE" for :) !!!!"

Stylist (Naples, FL)